Flood Control, Land Drainage, and Storm-water Management


"Practical application of sound planning & design practices, & specific flood control & storm-water management technique."

Course Description


All notes will be provided on USBs for this offering so please bring your laptop or tablet with a USB port to load the presentation material as well as follow along. Instructor also recommends that you bring a laptop with Adobe Reader, Excel, and a web browser. If you can’t then please bring a calculator since it is required for the exercises and we are going to prepare the rest for you.

Here will be a one-hour lunch break each day in addition to a refreshment and networking break during each morning and afternoon session.


Successful participants will receive Peganix’s Certificate of Completion.

All attendees to a Peganix accredited course receive a Certificate of Accreditation acknowledging their training and their journey to New Skills, New Thinking. Independent research has verified that this recognition is highly valued by your employees.

In-person / On Location

Our team and, your health and safety are our top priority. We have limited our registration numbers to 25 people per meeting to provide enough distance per person, hand sanitizers with face masks will be provided for all attending delegates and a temperature scanner will be available at the venue.

Our team and the venue are fully prepared to assist you.

Live Online / Virtual

Registered delegates can log in and join the live meeting. The online platform will not limit your participation, as you can engage on the platform via live chat text, audio, or video. All live meetings will be recorded and made available to all participants.

At any point, you’re not feeling too well to attend the in-person meeting you can simply log in at home and join live online.

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