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Cable Jointing and Termination (Virtual)


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This training course is designed to introduce candidates to the particular methods and techniques required to joint and terminate high voltage cables. Who is the Course Suitable For? This course is made for Cable Jointers, Electricians and Technicians and also suitable for engineers/supervisors who wish to have a greater understanding of what is involved in the application of cable accessories.

What’s Covered in the Course?
This course aims to introduce candidates to the correct methods involved in the preparation of high voltage polymeric cables prior to splicing or terminating the cables. The understanding of how to correctly strip and prepare a cable will enable the candidate to install almost any type of joint or termination by any manufacturer.

The following subjects are covered as part of this course:

  • The Component Parts of a Cable
  • Safety Documentation
  • Cable Identification
  • How to Strip a Cable for Testing
  • How to Install MV / HV Glands
  • How to Install Solderless Earths
  • How to Carry Out a 3 Core Termination
  • How to Carry Out a High Voltage Straight Joint
  • Introduction to MV / HV Testing
  • Introduction to Cable Spiking