Organisational Development

The world around us is forever changing and so is the information and roles we hold in the different industries.

You have to decide on your main goals, it’s time to consider your relevant strengths and ask yourself.

What attributes do you already have that could help this goal become a reality? Are there any transferable skills you could utilize? 

Even if you don’t have any direct experience in the field your objectives are based in, a strength can be anything from dedication, a creative mind and a keen interest in a particular area of academia, through to excellent people skills or a knack for numbers. Identifying your strengths can also lead you to potential areas for improvement. As Peganix we are here to assist you meet all of your daily work/industries challenges as your role expands and constantly changes you need to know all the latest tips and trends to get your job done professionally as it is important that you do your job with the best advice, the best training, and the best strategies to further your career

What We Provide?

We deliver results that matter – sustained impact for you, your business and the world

Market & Social Research

Investigating the behavior of a population.

Organisational Development

Conference, workshops & consulting services.

Team Building

Organising team building activities to strengthen the relationship within the organisation

In-House / Group Training

We tailor training courses to meet your exact needs, and budget

Community Projects

Providing free entrepreneurship programmes.

What People Are Saying

Gathering ideas & motivation to increase your personal effectiveness in your organisation.

"It was very fun & interacting with other attendees and networking was excellent."
- Ayanda
First Car Rental
"The hardware provided was relevant. The workshop was well presented keep it up”
- Sehlule
Bulawayo City Council
"Great course with an expect in the field. I have left the course with more knowledge and with an open mind than before.”
- Neusa
Maputo Port Development Company
"Networking with other industry professionals was truly a great experience and mind-opening opportunity"
- Achmad
BCI Asia

Researching Business issues, information and skill needs!...

Women Empowerment

At Peganix we are strongly committed to supporting women in their transition to senior management and leadership positions.

Apprenticeship and Internship

We develop your industry’s inexperienced and turn them to pure professionals

Engineering and Construction

Peganix has built a complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program including a competency-based curriculum and certification so as to provide life-long learning opportunities.

Companies we train for success