INFO-GRAPHICS Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques (In-person)


In-person | On Location

15, 16 & 17 September 2021 | Cape Town. SouthAfrica


Corporate ethos which demands continual improvement in work place efficiencies and reduced operating, maintenance, support service and administration costs means that managers, analysts and their advisors are faced with ever-challenging analytical problems and performance targets. To make decisions that result in improved Business performance it is vital to base decision making on appropriate analysis and interpretation of numerical data.


This Peganix training seminar in Info-Graphics aims to provide those involved in analyzing numerical data with the understanding and practical capabilities needed to convert data into information via appropriate analysis,and then to represent these results in ways that can be readily communicated to others in the organization.

Objectives include:

  •  To provide delegates with both understanding and practical experience of a range more common to analytical techniques and representation methods for numerical data
  • Togive delegates the ability to recognize which types of analysis are best suited to particular types of problems
  • Togivedelegates sufficient background and theoretical knowledge to be able to judge when an applied technique will likely lead to incorrect conclusions
  • To provide delegates with a working vocabulary of analytical terms that will enable them to converse with people who are experts in the areas of data analysis, statistics and probability, and to be able to read and comprehend common textbooks and journal articles in this field
  • To introduce some basic statisticalmethods
  • To explore the use of Excel 2010 or 2013 for data analysis and the capabilities of the Data AnalysisTool It should be noted that the training course does not cover the subjects of data acquisition, databases, data management, data warehousing or the analysis of text-based information.