Wastewater Treatment, Management and Recycling (in-person)


In-person / On Location Option

This 5 day course provides an overview of all significant aspects and considerations of wastewater treatment, management and recycling master class. This course will cover all aspects of sewage and industrial waste treatment process as well as planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of the modern sewage and effluent treatment plants and all aspects of environmental protection in Fertilizer industrial, this course will help to install an effective system. Participants will learn numerous tips and tricks throughout the course to make it very practical and relevant to their applications.

In the past, the disposal of wastewater in most communities and municipalities was carried out by the easiest methods possible, without any environmental consideration. Nowadays, the strict environmental regulation and the water shortage have a significant effect on technologies for wastewater treatment and recycle.

Recycled water is a reliable source of water that must be taken into account in formulating a sustainable water policy.  Water reuse is increasingly been integrated in the planning and development of water resources particularly for agricultural and landscape irrigation.